Why is whey protein a best seller?

First, whey protein is a higher quality protein than regular whey, milk, egg or soy. And because whey is packed full of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) – leucine, isoleucine, valine – it may help preserve lean muscle tissue between workouts or when dieting.

Second, whey protein is low in carbs, fat and calories which makes it perfect for dieters. Many use it first thing in the morning, between meals or right before bed. Others use it as a post-workout drink and mix it with carbohydrates like juice, fresh fruit or a high-carb powder.

Third, whey digests easier and much faster than all other proteins. 

Fourth, since most of the lactose has been removed, it’s popular with lactose-intolerant individuals. Finally, it tastes pretty good, even in water. Most brands mix instantly with a spoon, making them popular at the office.

All types of people drink whey, from young to old, active to inactive.